Courses given at the University of Stuttgart

  • WS 2020 – present: Artificial Intelligence Planning for Ubiquitous Computing, advanced seminar (master).
    Seminar designer and coordinator.
  • WS 2018 – WS 2019: Complex Network Systems, master course.
    Topics: Complex networks, NetworkX, Structural metrics, Centrality metrics, PageRank.
    Exercise designer and instructor.
  • WS 2018 – WS 2019: Smart Energy Systems Lab, master lab course.
    Topics: Microgrid, Wind turbine model, Solar panel model, Battery model, Demand-side model, Dynamic pricing. Course designer, coordinator, and instructor.
    Class given jointly with Laura Fiorini.
  • SS 2018 – present: Smart Cities and Internet of Things, master course.
    Topics: Raspberry Pi, GrovePi, Messaging, Plugwise, PDDL, FF and FD planners, SHOP2 planner.
    Exercise designer and instructor.

Courses given at the Herman Hollerith Zentrum

  • WS 2019 – present: Distributed Systems, master course.
    Topics: Client-server architecture, sockets, dynamic discovery, logical clocks, leader election, reliable ordered multicast.
    Exercise designer and instructor.

Courses given at the University of Groningen

  • SS 2017 – SS 2017: Net-Computing, bachelor course.
    Topics: Networking, interprocess communication, remote invocation, naming, transactions.
    Coordinator and lecturer.
  • FS 2016 – FS 2016: Introduction to computing science, bachelor course.
  • FS 2015 – FS 2015: Ubiquitous computing, master course.
    Topics: AI planning for ubiquitous computing, HTN planning for ubiquitous computing.
    Class given jointly with Prof. dr. Marco Aiello and Dr. Doina Bucur.
  • FS 2012 – FS 2016: Distributed systems, master course.
    Topics: Distributed file systems, Clock synchronization – physical clocks, Distributed shared memory.
    Class given jointly with Prof. dr. Marco Aiello.